Frequently Asked Questions


Can I decide to reduce the price of my item after already posted?

If you wish to drop the price of your item, please contact our Team to revise the selling price according to your requests. The commission rate will remain as originally agreed adjusting the final pay-out.

How will I get paid?

Your final pay-out can is made via wire transfer unless otherwise specifically requested and agreed between the Seller and Re-define.

When do I get paid?

Once an item has sold and Re-define has collected the full payment for the transaction, you will then receive your final pay-out. We estimate about 15 days from the moment the items has sold.

What commission does Re-define charge? charges commission of 18.6% in the event of a sale of an item for all clothes, shoes and accessories.
For Jewelry, Watches or similar items, the Commission received by Re-define will be calculated upon agreement with the seller.

What can I sell on Re-define?

You can sell any items you legally possess like designer bags, clothing, shoes, wedding attire, and accessories on Re-define. You can sell new and pre-owned items on Re-define, as long as they’re in good condition. We consider that the Sellers should offer items that they would be happy to purchase themselves. All brands and designers are welcome, but designer contemporary and luxury fashion sells best.

Who will decide the selling price of my item?

Upon submitting your item for sale, Re-define will provide you with a quotation range for your item. This range derives from researching the estimated retail price of the item at the time of purchase, its stock price and its resale price. Before determining, Re-define will review the condition of the offered item, as well as how current it is at the time the Seller submits it. You can then agree on a final selling price from within this range.

What if I want my item back?

If you choose to have your item returned after the 90 days agreed period, we will ship it to you and cover the cost of shipping. If you choose to have your item returned before the expiry of the 90 day period, the cost of return shipping will be borne by you.

How long will it take to sell my item?

On average, it takes 60 days to sell most items. In case an item is considered seasonal it may take longer for it to sell if it is off current season.

How long will Re-define keep my item?

The will keep your item for 90 days. You may choose for Re-define to store your item for longer if it is not sold within 90 days. You may choose to have your item returned at any point, by ending this agreement, always subject to a 10-day notice period allowing for an item to be returned. If you choose to have your item returned after the 90 days agreed period, we will ship it to you and cover the cost of shipping. If you choose to have your item returned before the expiry of the 90 day period, the cost of return shipping will be borne by you. After you ask for your item back, please allow for a waiting period of 1 week within which we will return your item.

Where will Re-define keep my item?

We keep your item in-house, in our secure and temperature controlled facility.

Who keeps my item?

With the sole purpose of maintaining your item’s condition and reassuring its fast delivery to the buyer, we suggest we keep your item. Alternatively though, you may store it yourself, provided that we receive it in intact condition once sold.

When will my item be available for purchase?

Following its quality control, your item will appear online approx. 2 weeks after we receive it.

How will I know if you’ve received my items?

We, at Re-define, shall notify you upon receipt of your item.

How do I send my item to Re-define?

Re-define offers a pick-up service for your items within Athens.
For customers outside of Athens, Re-define collaborates with DHL or other similar courier services.


Can I return something I received as a gift?

Our return policy remains the same, in case you have received a gift from Re-define.

What if I miss the 10 day returns window?

If you miss the 10-day window, you can no longer make a return. Re-define allows buyers a 10-day window to request a return giving the chance to check the item, but also narrows the possibility of wear that may occur. If you miss the 10-day returns window but no longer want your item, you can offer it for sale on Re-define.

What type of refund can I expect?

You will be refunded for the full amount of the value of the items however, any shipping fees or additional charges such as bank charges will not be included. You will receive the refunded amount within 7 business days.

How do I request a return?

Items can be returned within 10 business days of when it was received by you. You may contact our team so that we can help you with the process of returning the item
Items must be returned to us in the same condition as when shipped, not used or damaged with all tags intact.

How can I cancel my purchase?

You may cancel your order before it has not yet been shipped, then we can refund you for the value of the item.

If it has already been shipped, you can return the unwanted item.