About Us

How it all started:

We have always loved e-shopping.  It brings the world at our feet and our hands on anything we desire.  It makes it possible for us to acquire goods we would otherwise not have, if we tried to buy them off a window.  We also love trading, renewing, luxury and good taste.

So, in spring 2017, we decided to Re-define the new. To create a new interactive platform which would bring buyers and sellers together.  It would give them  the opportunity to access a plethora of unique pieces, luxurious garments and accessories, new or pre-owned, vintage items and more. Our aim is to provide our visitors, sellers and buyers a full and complete deluxe online experience, starting from visiting our website, until the after-sales customer service. Our goal is a growing worldwide network of online sellers and shoppers, people who wish to treat themselves with a piece of unattainable luxury within the logic of rational pricing.